With your help we will continue to bring help to children and families living in extreme poverty.

Thank you for your gift!

We thank each person for their support, their gift was given to each child. Thank you for filling your hearts with joy, these types of details make each child feel special and important to God.

Help us meet our goal

With your donation we will be able to help and bless thousands of lives that need Love, Faith and Hope.


The impact of your help!

With your donation you can transform many lives and make social impact programs a reality. Thanks to your LOVE; you will be able to paint a smile on the faces of thousands of children, brighten their hearts, lift their spirits, the children will feel that they are not alone and that their lives are worth a lot.

Know the sad reality of many people

In this documentary you can see the harsh reality of those who live in the villages, far from access to drinking water, many homes without electricity, they do not have bathrooms for personal hygiene, they do not have medicine or food.

Compassion is the vitamin the world needs to be a better place!