Elvis Presley and wife, Priscilla, flying off together (late 1960s)

Elvis Presley and wife, Priscilla, flying off together (late 1960s)

Howard continued, saying that when Gary Marshall heard about what happened he personally made sure there was no name change and that Ron Howard stayed on the show.

In 1967, A 32 year old Elvis Presley married his 21 year old bride, Priscilla after an on and off courting session that began when he was stationed in Germany and she was a teenager. The King is said to have «trained» Priscilla to look and act how he wanted, all the while carrying on affairs with other women, and turning a blind eye to his young wife’s extra marital relationships.

Five years after marrying, the couple filed for divorce after deciding that they just weren’t happy together. On the day the judge granted their petition the couple walked hand in hand out of the courthouse, still friends after calling things quits. In 2016, Priscilla explained why she still felt that Elvis was the love of her life:

I needed to find out what the world was like, really, it was one world. But the greatest thing about our relationship was that we still loved each other.

«Dreamland» — Sophia Loren on a visit to Disneyland in 1963

You can’t just be any old star to get special treatment at Disneyland. Even in 1962, Disney and their theme park were doing well enough to tell actors like Vincent Price to kick rocks if he wanted to get in for free, but not Sophia Loren.

One day after she won an Oscar for Two Women in 1962, she asked to visit Disneyland and the park relented. She spent the day in the park with her personal attendant going on the rides and checking out the attractions with a trail of mamba review photographers following her.

According to one worker that day, she was accompanied by her husband Carlo Ponti, an Italian film producer, and rode as many rides as she could, entering through the exit like royalty.

The beautiful and sexy Ann-Margret rocked the 1960s!

Ann-erican cinema. Not just a blonde bombshell, she sang, danced, and acted – often alongside Elvis. She was one of the few gals who could hold her own against The King.

She wasn’t just a pretty face, after requests poured in for her to visit Vietnam, she hopped in a plane with Bob Hope and brought the wildest dreams of the soldiers fighting far from home to life. However, she notes that she didn’t exactly receive the greeting that she thought she would:

I received sheets of paper that had 3,000 signatures of our guys wanting me to come over there. I went in 1966. It was just Johnny Rivers and the bassist and drummer and me. We went everywhere. And then in ’68 it was the Bob Hope Christmas show, and there were 85 people. So it was different feeling.

A few of Hell’s Angels in England in the 1970s

As much as the Hells Angels developed a reputation for being the grimiest biker gang in America, they didn’t exactly set England on fire. The English arm of the Angels had the jackets and the bikes, they even had a little of the attitude, but they didn’t have the American outlaw attitude that made the O.G. members so fearsome.

A short 1973 BBC documentary takes Britons into the world of the Hell’s Angels and it’s. well it’s something. The doc shows the Angels riding to Wellsbury on holiday and even passing out while getting a tattoo. The biggest trouble that the group gets into is getting kicked out of a cafe during teatime.

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