Modern Love: The Dos and Don’ts (9 min

Modern Love: The Dos and Don’ts (9 min

; HD ) : This one’s pretty much a straightahead making-of featurette with lots of talking heads and two scoops of behind-the-scenes footage from the set: how the concept came together, its not-so-marketable working title of Fuckbuddies, toying with romantic comedy conventions, lining up a cast, striking just the right tone. solid enough but pretty routine.

The rest of the scenes mostly build on or help set up some of the relationships between the supporting cast

Inside the Sassy Halls of Secret High (11 min.; HD ) : Featurette Numero Two-oh takes a look at the High School Musical knockoff that Adam works on. «Inside the Sassy Halls. » breezes through production design (a set within a set within a set?) , spelling out the running storyline that I guess I completely missed, chatting up the cast, running through the choreography, and paying extra attention to the pretty awesome birthday song that Kevin Kline wrote and performed himself.

; HD ) : This Cosmo-ish guide to dating in the iPhone Age is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Texting! Social networking! Fuckbuddies!

Deleted Scenes (11 min.; HD ) : There are six deleted and extended scenes in this reel, including the full versions of the two infectious and more-than-a-little-bit-Glee-esque musical numbers, «What Good Is a Boy» and «It Was You». I kinda wish the quick little bit between Eli and Patrie in college had made it in, but the rest of the relationshippy stuff is better off scattered all over the cutting room floor.

Alternate Storyline Scenes (4 min.; HD ) : A who-o-o-o-ole bunch of stuff between Lake Bell and Ashton Kutcher’s characters got yoinked out of the finished product, and all of that footage gets its very own heading on the Extras menu.

  • Audio Commentary: Director Ivan Reitman chimes in with a commentary track, but he doesn’t really have all that much to say. Reitman has a tendency to narrate what’s happening on-screen rather than talk about it, and there’s not a whole lot of insight past «this scene was shot in post-production» or «[insert name of actor] is really great». I did enjoy some of his ashley madison sign in comments about the music and the lack of emphasis on physicality for the comedy, but looking down at my notes again, I really didn’t jot down much more than that. Reitman has less and less to say as the movie goes along, and it’s such a shame that screenwriter Elizabeth Meriwether couldn’t have dropped in to help keep more of a conversation going. One thing that does stand out, though: the way Reitman describes it, that «Alternate Storyline Scenes» section ought to be at least a little longer than it is. He describes some additional stuff with Natalie Portman that’s nowhere to be found anywhere on this Blu-ray disc.

Sex Friends: Getting Together (21 min

Oh, and in case you missed it further up in the review, No Strings Attached tosses on a second disc too: a DVD that’ll spin in any set-top player and a digital copy for use on iTunes or Windows Media-powered devices. There’s also an offer for 3 free months with perfectmatch, although considering it’s packed in with a movie whose working title was Fuckbuddies, wouldn’t adultfriendfinder have been a better fit? No? Guess it’s just me.

The Final Word Hey, I don’t have any shame, so I’ll admit it: I grabbed No Strings Attached just to ogle Natalie Portman, and I really wasn’t expecting anything more out of it than a few cheesecake shots. Turns out that I kinda liked it, though. It’s nice to see the standard issue romantic comedy formula shuffled around a bit. Ashton Kutcher breaks away from the smug, obnoxious characters I usually think of him as playing, and he and Natalie Portman have a ridiculous amount of chemistry together. I didn’t really laugh all that much, but I did think a bunch of the gags were really clever, and that’s gotta count for something. And a supporting cast that includes Greta Gerwig, Kevin Kline, Guy Branum, Jake Johnson, and Mindy Kaling. Sure, I’m in. No Strings Attached isn’t a great movie, but it’s so much better that I ever would’ve expected, and it’s closing in on a couple of years since I dug a romantic comedy as much as this one. Highly Recommended.

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