We are a Christian organization that carries out works of social impact. We work with children who live in extreme poverty, we ensure their physical, emotional and spiritual integrity. We provide them with food, shelter, a better home, we talk to them about the love of Jesus and his plan of salvation for every human being.

We invite you to participate by praying, helping as a volunteer or donating.

Your love improves many lives. Donate today and contribute to a more supportive world!

Our reason for being


— About us?

A social humanitarian aid project. Mission Reborn; serves all people without distinction of nationality, race, religion, ethnic group or gender.


— Our Mission

Oriented to the satisfaction of the basic needs of human beings, including their need for God, but also their need for love, food, shelter, shelter, physical and mental health, and a sense of human dignity.


— Our Vision

Our vision focuses on building a world where famine is a memory of the past, where education is a right for all, every individual can enjoy a decent home, social programs drive economic advancement, and where access to health be a universal right. These foundations reflect our commitment to the most disadvantaged.

A little more about us

We are young like you, we love life, our neighbors, we love helping others. We strive to put a smile on children’s faces and, through our actions, we want to bring joy to many families who need it. We invite you to join our team.

"Misión Renacer" is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the Republic of Peru.”

We are a completely legal organization, we are in the registry of non-profit associations of the Republic of Peru.


RUC: 20611199512 (SUNAT)


APCI: Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation

We have permission from the APCI: being an International Donation Receiving Organization with all permits according to law. We have authorization from SUNAT; lists us as a tax-exempt organization and also lists us as a National Donation Receiving Organization.

You can request all the documentation to the following email: director@misionrenacer.org

Help us meet our goal

With your donation we will be able to help and bless thousands of lives that need Love, Faith and Hope.


Compassion is the vitamin the world needs to be a better place!