Hello, my name is Daniel Montes, I am the director of Misión Renacer, a social project of humanitarian aid.


Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents, people with disabilities and older adults in situations of abandonment. Mission Renacer helps all people regardless of nationality, race, religion, ethnic group or gender.


With your donation:

 We will improve their children's study classrooms so that they have a quality education. With your donation we will buy tables, chairs, supplies, educational games that help the child improve her learning.

We will carry; medicine, food, clothing, shoes, school supplies, mattresses, blankets and much more. We will help give them a decent life.


We continue to visit very poor communities, carrying the message of "God's Love" to each person and home.

You are part of this mission, if you want to be a collaborator contact us. This project is born in the heart of God and manifests itself through generous people like you.


You can start by donating $ 5 USD each month.

At all levels we will be sending you photos and videos of each event.

If you wish to communicate directly with me, write to us and I will gladly assist you.


Datos: Centro poblado la Zaranda, caserío Huaca Partida y Santa Clara, distrito de Pítipo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque.

Contacto: Iglesia Cristiana El Nazareno (Ubicación)


Thank you very much for your help, you show that you have a big heart. The idea is that collaborating is not a burden for you, but an act of love, detachment and solidarity.


I understand that you have many bills to pay, Netflix, mortgage, your phone line, clothing and shoes of great designers, among other vanities.


Please, I ask you to give yourself the opportunity to share and help decrease the hunger, sadness, loneliness and abandonment that many children suffer.

We need 5,000 sponsors.

With your donation, children can have school supplies, notebooks, story books, colored pencils, paintings, arcade games, tables and chairs, rugs, and other things.


• We will send you by email, photos and videos.

We need 1,700 sponsors.

With your donation we will create a Community Dining Hall in each town to feed more than 1500 boys and girls. Let's compare pots, a new kitchen and food to combat childhood malnutrition.


There are 7 towns that you would be helping with your donation.

We will send you photos and videos of all the communities.

We need 1,700 sponsors.

You are a hero, your donation will be an Illustrated Bible for children, with graphics, drawings so that all children can better understand the word of God.

With the Christian education imparted, the children will have the values to have a dignified life, they will learn about love, forgiveness and salvation. They will be citizens of good conduct, taking care of the planet and its locality.


• We will send you photos and videos.

Each book will have your name

We need 200 sponsors.

We need 15 angels per child, with your help we will give them their gifts, bed, mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes, shoes, school uniform, books and notebooks.


Invite your friends and fulfill the wishes of a boy or girl.

We will send you photos and videos


Tags on facebook

Live video calls

We need 1,700 sponsors.

With your help, we will continue to deliver food baskets to families living in poverty so that they can feed their children and the elderly who live in neglect.


• We will send you photos and videos.

• Your tag on facebook.

• Live video call.

We need 1,600 sponsors.

With your help we will overcome the covid-19, we will overcome hunger, we will overcome sadness, we will overcome despair.

Your help will shine a light of hope in the hearts of many people.

Thank you for being a sower of good dreams and protector of lives.


* You can make this donation only once.

We need 1600 sponsors.

If you do not live to serve, you do not serve to live.