Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is an act of love towards God, it is an action that improves the quality of life and also promotes human dignity.

Children living in poverty often ask questions such as: What is happiness and what is it for? By interacting with them in the Sunday schools of various churches, it is evident that many face sadness and loneliness on a daily basis.

World Vision

We believe that together, with the Power of God, we can improve the quality of life of thousands of children.

By making your monthly contribution of love, you will be giving your sponsored child faith, love and hope, making them feel valuable and important.

Children who are sponsored through Misión Renacer are cared for by Christian individuals with extensive experience in biblical teaching focused on children. Sunday school teachers have a strong testimony and demonstrate loving attitudes toward the protection and well-being of all children.

For $ 39/month

a sponsored child receives:


Tutorial of Love, Faith and Hope

Many children come from destroyed homes full of violence and extreme poverty, the emotional and spiritual support we provide is very important for their inner health.


Communication with the Godfather

Personalized messages from godparents instill encouragement and also weave bonds of unity that transcendently shape the morale and self-esteem of children.


Health Care

All children are in the health program to perform routine medical checkups, rule out and prevent diseases, as well as strengthen their immune system.


Feeding Program

With your generous contribution, the sponsored boy or girl will receive nutritious food to overcome anemia and malnutrition. Together we will defeat hunger!


Vocational Orientation

Our work is to eradicate childhood illiteracy and guide adolescents to obtain a job or continue a university or technical profession for their personal development.


Sport Activities

Sunday School is a refuge for the child, it is taught about the Love of God, forgiveness, comfort and through sports, we keep them away from gangs and any drugs that destroy their lives.

Sponsor a Child: Frequently Asked Questions

You can sponsor a child in a variety of ways. Here are the most impactful methods of giving:

  • Monthly sponsorship: Sponsor a child for $39 a month.
  • Frequent Donor: You can be godfather to several children at each event according to the section you have joined. More information.
  • Missionary Donor: It is our fervent prayer to God that 10,000 people join this wonderful ministry by giving a generous Donation of $45 once a year.
    We do this level of donors so as not to generate a financial burden, many want to participate but have bills to pay. More information.
  • Gift Giving: You can donate a gift from our catalog for a specific cause or donate from $5 per month to a health, education, food fund, among others. More information.

Sponsoring a child costs just $39 per month. Your sponsorship helps children get access to survival essentials such as healthcare, education, food and more. Sponsorship is an effective means to reduce poverty in children.

With a monthly investment of $39, you have the opportunity to support a child as a patron through the Renacer Mission. Our achievements are based on the collaborations established with numerous local churches.

Sponsored children receive the essential elements necessary for their survival and development in an environment of poverty. These elements range from food, access to drinking water, medical care, spiritual development, education, among other fundamental aspects.

Absolutely! We encourage you to write to your sponsored child and exchange letters to help form a healthy relationship and personal connection.

  • Yes, you can be a child’s Godfather by donating $39 monthly. You can also be a Frequent Donor and you can be a godfather to several children at different events and places.

We manage your donation wisely. Your generous monthly donation not only goes directly to your child, but also joins with the other donations from the sponsors to bless all the children. Logistical expenses are also covered in each location, bringing drinking water, cleaning the water cistern, maintaining the filter, materials so that the teacher can conduct his class in the best way and much more.

The Republic of Peru and other Latin American countries fight against «human trafficking», child exploitation, abuse and kidnapping of children in all its forms and manners.

It is totally prohibited to have or create a catalog of minors because they are used by criminal organizations; Likewise, it is considered a crime by the laws of the Republic of Peru.

We choose a child for you.
A study with Psychologists does not indicate that it is anti-pedagogical to have a children’s catalog, since it negatively affects children’s emotions to the point of leading them to depression.

Children who are exposed in a catalog and have been waiting for a long time hoping that a person will help them, suffer from depression, break their illusions, play with their feelings and have the idea that NO ONE WANTS THEM because they have been waiting for a long time.

For this reason we do not create a children’s catalog.

But we do have photos that we can share with you of the children of the towns where we have brought help in previous events.

Start Donated an illustrated Bible for children.
We hope that a minimum of 100 Donors join in this section to be able to hold a great event and spend as little money as possible using the resources in the best way.
Your name will be on a poster.
At the time of giving the illustrated Bible to the child, we also give them the poster with your name.
If you wish, you can sponsor the same child every month or continue donating an illustrated Bible every month and be a godfather to several children in different towns.

You decide what is best for you according to the generosity of your heart.

Daniel Montes Rojas

Start by giving a Bible!

Give an illustrated Bible and the boy or girl who receives your gift, if you wish, you can be their monthly Sponsor and you will have permanent contact with your child.


Compassion is the vitamin the world needs to be a better place!