Our World Vision for Latin America


We imagine a future in Latin America where every child has access to education, where childhood illiteracy is just a memory of the past. With your donations, we can make this dream a reality, providing books, trained teachers, and educational resources to underserved communities. Together, we can give these children the key to a future full of opportunity. Join us and make a difference today!


We envision a continent where health is a right for all, where diseases such as cholera, dengue and tuberculosis are things of the past. With your generosity, we can provide vital vaccines and medicines, saving lives and giving hope to those who need it most. Your donation makes the difference between illness and health. Act now and join our mission to heal Latin America!


We see a Latin America where no child suffers from malnutrition or anemia, where every meal is nutritious and satisfying. With your support, we can provide vitamins, fresh foods and nutrition education to underserved communities, ensuring no child goes hungry. Your donation feeds bodies and fuels dreams. Do your part today and join our fight against hunger!


We envision safe homes throughout Latin America, where access to drinking water and hygiene is a reality for everyone. With your contribution, we can build wells, install water purification systems, and provide education on proper hygiene practices. Your donation not only saves lives, but also creates healthier, more prosperous communities. Join us and let’s build a future where everyone can live with dignity and security.

Join the fight against child poverty!

Donate just $3.75 a month and help us give the most vulnerable children the opportunities they need for a better future.
Your small contribution can have a big impact on a child’s life.

Together we can eradicate child poverty.


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Why we work - Fight child poverty


In Peru; 6.5 million children live in poverty. / 8 out of 10 children only eat once a day. Donate a kilo of your love and feed a child.


The population of children under 12 years of age living in extreme poverty corresponds to 2.59 million in 2020. 20,000 children survive on the streets,


3.1 million children live in poverty. 6 out of 10 live in extreme poverty. 1 in 4 boys and girls suffers from malnutrition. 40 girls between 10 and 14 years old give birth every week.


237 children will have died from malnutrition in 2023. The increase in extreme poverty amounts to 6.9 million people.


7 million people live in poverty, with pressing needs, of which 3.8 million are children and adolescents.


800 thousand boys, girls and adolescents live in homes that are in poverty.

El Salvador

More than 35,800 children live in poor households on $2.15 a day in El Salvador.

Costa Rica

455,508 minors are in poverty, with boys and girls between 0 and 5 years old being the most affected.


21 million live in poverty, which represents 51.1%, compared to 39.9% of the population. 1 in 8 girls and boys under 5 years of age suffers from chronic malnutrition.

Rep. Dominicana

3% of children and adolescents from 1 to 14 years old are victims of violent discipline in their homes; while 29% of the victims of reported sexual crimes are minors.


In a recent report, the NGO also revealed that extreme poverty in Cuba has increased 13 percentage points in one year, reaching an alarming 88%.


49.8% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, that is, 1 in 2. It is the first place in Latin America and the sixth in the world.

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