Missionary Donor

Your donation changes thousands of lives, providing the opportunity to overcome poverty and improve the quality of life of each person who benefits, especially the lives of children.

Being a Missionary Donor is loving God with passion and demonstrating it by helping others.
Being a Missionary is one of the most beautiful tasks in the ministry of God, it is being a sower of the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

With your donation of:

$ 45


great miracles can be done.

We need:



to achieve these objectives.


Dental Kit - to gift 500 packages


Hygiene Kit - to gift 500 packages


Shoe Box - to gift 500 packages


Illustrated Bible - to gift 1,500 packages


Construction of 01 Sunday School


Vitamin Kit - to gift 500 packages


Breakfast for Child - to gift 500 basket


To gift 4,800 Plates of food for children


Food Basket for a Mother - to gift 100

Benefits of being a Missionary Donor

  • We will send you photos and videos of each of the events.
  • Virtual thank you card.
  • Missionary Donor Certificate.
  • Live broadcast of all events.
  • Draw for 01 round trip airfare including accommodation in our camp for 10 days.

The winner of the trip will witness and be able to participate in the delivery of donations to the children on behalf of the 10,000 Missionary Donors.

Requirements: Know how to speak Peruvian Spanish at a basic to intermediate level at least.

**For those who make their donation and want to learn Peruvian (Latin American) Spanish, write to us on our WhatsApp and through Zoom you will be able to participate in FREE classes.

Help us meet our goal

With your donation we will be able to help and bless thousands of lives that need Love, Faith and Hope.


Compassion is the vitamin the world needs to be a better place!